Thomas with His First Big Catch

My son Thomas catches his first big fish on the Breede River. Travels with an African Husky.

Dady and Thomas with His First Big Catch

My son Thomas with his first big catch. A Grunter. Thomas was about nine years old when he caught this monster. It was between Christmas and new year and we were staying with John and Analise Waller at their lovely place on the Breede River. Earlier in the day we had been out onto the mudflats to catch little prawns using a device that resembled a bicycle pump – used to blow the prawns out of their hiding places. These prawns were to be our bait. At the end of the day, we paddled out about 50 metres in a little boat and cast out using a light line and a small rod. In a surprisingly short period of time, Thomas hooked something. John Waller (shown in the photo), who in some ways had become like a grandfather to Thomas, gently encouraged Thomas telling him what to do to bring in the fish. After we had landed the Grunter (so called because of the noise they make when caught) I noticed a splashing sound beside the boat and looked down to see our old dog Ian had swum out to join us. We duly hauled him in. A sobering thought is that enormous Zambezi Bull Sharks often hang out under boats waiting for fishermen to reel in an easy meal for them. Our beloved dog could easily have ended up as dinner for a shark.

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